2014 aluminium alloy

2014 aluminium alloy is an aluminium-based alloy often used in the aerospace industry.

It is easily machined in certain tempers, and among the strongest available aluminium alloys, as well as having high hardness. However, it is difficult to weld, as it is subject to cracking.

2014 is the second most popular of the 2000-series aluminum alloys, after 2024 aluminum alloy. It is commonly extruded and forged. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is particularly poor. To combat this, it is often clad with pure aluminum. If unclad 2014 aluminum is to be exposed to the elements, it should be painted as a corrosion protection measure.[


Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Aluminium / Aluminum 2014 alloy is outlined in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Aluminium / Aluminum, Al 93.5
Copper, Cu 4.4
Silicon, Si 0.8
Magnesium, Mg 0.5
Cromium, Cr 0.1 (Max)
Manganese, Mn 0.6

Physical Properties

The following table shows the physical properties of Aluminium / Aluminum 2014 alloy.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 2.8 g/cm3 0.1018 lb/in3
Melting point 510°C 950°F

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of Aluminium / Aluminum 2014 alloy are displayed in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Elastic modulus 70-80 GPa 10152-11603 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.33 0.33

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of Aluminium / Aluminum 2014 alloy are given in the following table.

Properties Conditions
T (ºC) Treatment
Thermal expansion 23 (10-6/ºC) 20-100
Thermal conductivity 192 (W/mK) 25 O

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