What is the T651 inside the 6061-T651 aluminum plate and aluminum 7075-T651

What is the meaning of the T651 on the 6061-T651 sheet and the 7075-T651 sheet? There are 6061 aluminum and aluminum plate, what are the characteristics of the 7075 ah? How to distinguish is 6061 or 7075 aluminum plate?

6061-T651 aluminum plate
6061-T651 aluminum plate

Description and application of T651 T651 in the alloy inside is a representative of the state, is suitable for the solution heat treatment or self forming process at high temperature after cooling, according to the provisions of the amount of tension plate, rolling or cold finishing bars and forgings, forging or rolling ring ring, these products are no longer thick tensile straightening.
6061 features: 6061 alloy for Al-Mg-Si series heat treatment strengthening aluminum alloy. It has medium strength, good weldability, welding methods can be used a variety of welding characteristics. The corrosion resistance in the atmosphere is similar to that of industrial pure aluminum, and also resistant to fresh water and seawater corrosion.
7075 features: 7075 alloy is Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Superduralumin alloy, which is characterized after solution treatment, good plasticity, heat treatment is very obvious. However, due to the high content of zinc, magnesium and copper, it is easy to produce welding cracks.
Distinguish between 6061 and 7075: aluminum alloy surface is generally difficult to distinguish between the brand, to distinguish between the 6061 and the simplest way is to cut out a small piece, with each side of the board of the knock on the side of the plate, the damaged piece is about 6061 of the size of the two of the total number of points in the face of the plate, the other side of the plate is the same.

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