aluminum 7075 to resolve the plight of iPhone 6S

Mobile phone
Mobile phone

Mobile phone has become a people especially staff leave the communication tools, almost one hand, some people even have two or three or more, but their body is made of what material, not everyone know all about it.
Production in the world’s three largest mobile phone group (apple, samsung, China’s huawei company) in the production of smartphones, useful of aluminum, titanium, useful and using magnesium. Titanium body beautiful, intensity is big also, but the price is higher, the density is high, about 66.7% larger than aluminum; Magnesium density is small, 36% lighter than aluminum, with gleaming silver tone, but strength is lower than that of the aluminum, corrosion resistance is much less than the aluminum, the price is more expensive than aluminum.

Therefore, aluminum is the comprehensive performance is best, the best cost performance smartphone fuselage materials, at the same time the recyclability and recycled performance is better than that of the titanium and magnesium. The author here said aluminum, magnesium and titanium containing its various alloys.
We know, the size of the apple mobile phone, the screen size since the iphone 5, repeatedly bring unprecedented visual gratified, watch mobile phone has become a kind of beautiful enjoyment, have now been added to the 140 mm (5.5 inch). But large-screen mobile phone in the early years of the fuselage material was not synchronous improve, at the same time the thickness of the fuselage is thinning, and thus lead to the iphone fuselage was impacted by external force deformation, even become curved, sometimes accidentally will fondle admiringly baby mobile bend, in individual cases, the screen may also break the mountainsides. This kind of situation has been available to the iphone 6 plus, did not get the fundamental change, the apple face more and more market pressure, increase of users the grumbling.
The aluminum 7075  to resolve the plight of iPhone 6S
In order to solve the generation of the iphone 6 plus mobile body bending capacity is not high question, aluminum industry suggested that apple USES the aerospace industry with the intensive aluminium alloy 7075 plate processing fuselage, a brand new iphone and iphone 6 s plus all the 6 s to switch to Alcoa’s production of 7075 alloy plate manufacture, the expected good results have been achieved, the flexural capacity is greatly increased, bent and once gone, deformation is not happened.

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