The aluminium circle sheet a3003 is Al-Mn-Mg alloy, which has good anti corrosion performance, and belongs to high level material for making utensils. The 3003 aluminum circle sheet product has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. There is no burr on the edge, no oil on the surface, and has good stretching effect. There are many products processed with aluminum circles, including rice cooker inner pots, some aluminum melters, etc. Etc. O temper refers to the stretched material after annealing, which is used to stretch the product.

aluminium circle sheet a3003

Aluminium circle sheet a3003 are very common in our lives. Can seals, non-stick pan bottoms, traffic signs, lampshades, etc. all have aluminum circles. In addition, aluminum circles are used in machinery manufacturing, automobiles and other industrial fields. Therefore, the first consideration when purchasing aluminum circle sheet is the use. The use determines whether to choose hot-rolled or cast-rolled materials. Cast-rolled materials are mainly used for molds. Hot-rolled materials have higher elongation and are suitable for Do stamping and drawing products.


The second is whether the specifications of the aluminium circle sheet a3003 product meet its own procurement standards. Usually the thickness of the aluminum circle sheet is in the range of 0.3-6.0mm, and the diameter is in the range of 10-3000mm. Because of the difference in equipment and technology, each company can manufacture different specifications consistent, the delivery date and MOQ of the final aluminum circle also need to be clear before purchasing.

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