Generally, aluminium circles mill finish 1050 are dominated by 1050-soft or 1050 semi-hard. In this case, the stamping dies and stampings developed during the middle and late production process are not easy to crack. Household appliances and pots manufactured by aluminium circles have good heat dissipation, no corrosion, light materials and long service life. 1050 aluminum circle has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. 1050 aluminium circle is commonly used in some occasions that require high corrosion resistance and formability, but low strength requirements.

aluminium circles mill finish 1050

Aluminium circles mill finish 1050 are applied to can seals, non-stick pan bottoms, traffic signs, lampshades, etc. Generally used aluminum pans are stamped from the 10000 and 3000 series of aluminum discs, or are used for pot lining. Therefore, the primary consideration when purchasing aluminum circle 1050 is the use. The use determines whether to choose hot-rolled or cast-rolled materials. Cast-rolled materials are mainly used for molds. The hot-rolled materials have higher elongation and are suitable for stamping and drawing processes. The second is whether the specifications of the aluminium circles products meet their own procurement standards. Usually the thickness of the aluminum circle is in the range of 0.3-6.0mm, and the diameter is in the range of 10-3000mm. Because of the different equipment and processes, each company can manufacture different specifications consistent.


As a manufacturer of aluminium circles mill finish 1050, Haomei Aluminum upgrade the aluminum circle machinery and equipment, and independently carry out the production and manufacture of aluminum discs. Among them, the punching machine, scribing machine, quenching furnace and other machinery and equipment can ensure the high-end quality of the aluminum circle.

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