The factors that affect the aluminum wafer price products include the raw materials, the thickness, and the strength of aluminum circle manufacturers. The price and value of the aluminum wafers praised by people are always proportional. Users should not pay too much attention to the price and ignore the application value when they purchase high quality aluminum wafers, so as to avoid the unnecessary quality issues are present during the process in the later stage.

aluminum wafer price

The common specification of aluminum wafer which manufactured on the market are the alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003, the temper are O, H12 and H14, the thickness is 0.4-5.0mm, and the diameter is 20-1200mm. Some companies will encounter some of the above problems when purchasing aluminum wafers. At this time, they can only seek help from aluminum wafer manufacturers and get professional guidance. Therefore, users must consider the service level before determining to cooperate with a certain aluminum wafer manufacturer. For example, after purchasing a product, if they encounter defective products or the quantity is not correct, can they be effectively resolved in time.


When buying aluminum wafers, we must pay attention to the existing market foundation of the aluminum circle manufacturers, the requirements and rules of the franchise system, and the degree of market reputation of the manufacturers. Besides of aluminum wafer price, it is also necessary to pay attention to the current market share of the manufacturers in the well-known aluminum wafer market. At the same time, it must also care about the soundness of the entire system structure of its agents and the applicability of the detailed requirements. The word-of-mouth performance of consumers and franchisees.

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