Circle aluminum sheet advantages and application

Circle aluminum sheet or aluminum circle sheet, is a kind of aluminum product in round shape which has wide application. Due to its low density, light weight, smooth surface, good extensibility, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, circle aluminum sheet are widely used in kitchen utensils, such as aluminum pans, aluminum pots and aluminum braids. For lighting, such as lampshades, bases and decorative lights. Because of its excellent anti-corrosion properties, 3000 series circle aluminium sheet are widely used in the production of road signs and traffic signs.

circle aluminum sheet

Haomei Aluminum have been engaged on supply qualified circle aluminum sheet for more than 25 years. The aluminum circle we provide are with smooth edges and no burrs, the surface is clean and oil-free. Our company strives to improve the quality of our products, and strives to bring excellent elongation and grain size to the deep-drawing and spinning process to bring quality assurance, and increase the customer’s yield and satisfaction effectively. We supply 1000seires and 3000 series aluminum discs for our customers worldwide and won reputation. The experienced technical staff and advanced production equipment and a full range of precision molds are guaranteed for the quality and delivery escort, lifting the customer’s worries. With excellent professional sales and after-sales team, we sincerely resolve any doubts in the use process for our customers.

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