1050 aluminum foil used for transformer winding

The aluminium foil used for transformer winding is required high-quality pure aluminum as raw materials which has high conductivity, soft characteristics, smooth surface, is an ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers, and the key raw material for transformer winding.

Designers of transformer manufacturer usually select 1050,1060,1070,1350 grade, the aluminum content is min 95% but commonly above 99.6%-99.7 %. Aluminium sheet foils are mainly used in dry-type transformers of high and low voltage winding as a conductive material. As aluminum transformers tend to be less costly than copper transformers, therefore, aluminium foil is the most popular material for transformer strip.

Aluminum foil is made by hot or cold rolling through industrial roll mills. The rolling process involves incrementally reducing the material’s thickness by successive passes between two rolls. Roll mills come in multiple configurations.2Hi Roll Mill 2Hi roll mills employ two work rolls; a 4Hi employs four rolls, two smaller work rolls and two larger backup rolls.Rolled Aluminum foil and aluminum sheet can be found in most industrial and comsumer products. HAOMEI aluminum provides silver foil products customarily rolled between .001” to .009” thicknesses.

Aluminum foil most widely used for kitchen wrap and utensils, outside decoration, and in thousands of industrial applications where a strong, light, easily construction material is needed.

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