Aluminium Foil Coloring Strip For Decorating

Aluminum foil is often used in barbecue, because aluminum foil has a series of good performance, so its application range is very wide. From the world point of view, mainly used in packaging, electrical and construction of the three major areas, the largest demand is for aluminium foil packaging.

Aluminum foil thickness is 0.4 ~ 0.7 mm more (0.5 mm) of industrial pure aluminum after many cold rolling thinning and roll can be made of metal foil.Aluminium foil in the manufacture of metal cans, usually for new easy tear cover and tank sealing foil manufacturing.The thickness of the aluminium foil for metal cans, between 0.06 ~ 0.09 mm.

In recent years,in recent years aluminium foil coloring strip for decorating has gradually become more popular.

As the excellent color of aluminium foil, light and heat reflectivity is also good, it can usually be used for decoration, packaging and so on. About the 90th of the last century, the aluminium foil coloring strip for decorating began to be used in the decoration field, and then quickly became popular. As the aluminium foil coloring strip for decorating also has moisture-proof anti-corrosion, heat insulation and other characteristics, there is no doubt that aluminium foil coloring strip for decorating become a very good decoration materials.

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