Are you cooking with aluminium foil

We can see aluminium foils easily in daily life.Such as:Cable Aluminum Foil,Auto Condenser Aluminium Foil,Container Foil Jumbo Roll,Medicinal Aluminum Foil,Air Condition Aluminum Foil,Beer Mark Aluminum Foil,ect.But cooking with foil can have dangerous consequences?

Aluminium foil in the Kitchen

Is there a concern for the home cook? It may depend on how you use foil in your kitchen. There’s not enough research to date to say use of foil will pose immediate harm. Studies that do exist reveal that wrapping cold or cooled foods in foil for storage did not lead to leeching of any aluminum. However, a study published in 2012 did find that cooking with aluminum at high temps and the use of acidic foods, salt, and spices did perpetuate a greater amount of leeching.

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