Specifications of coloured aluminium foil

Quick detail of coloured aluminium foil:

Laminating roll film

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Material: Laminated Material

Usage: Packaging Film,food packaging,powder,tomato sauce

Feature: Material properties of packaging material assist with elongating shelf life of commodities.

Specifications of coloured aluminium foil

Safe for use in contact with food stuff

Food can be heated by convection, fan or microwave oven.

Aluminium containers can be recycled.

HAOMEI aluminum supplies its product of wide until 1.250 mm, with steel core or carton up to 150 mm, maximum diameter of 1.000 mm and maximum weight of 2 tonnes.

The Procedure of Placing an Order

Customers provide products’info→Quotation →Sample Production →Sample Approval→ Make Production→Deliver

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