The production process of food packing aluminium foil

Aluminum foil because of its plasticity, safety and health, environmental protection and re-use characteristics in the food packaging industry, the advantages of more significant, which is more convenient because of the shape of aluminum foil, portable and can be widely used in aviation food and large food and beverage supply,It has been rapid development in recent years.

The food packing aluminium foil production process can be divided into: expected material → oiling → feeding → stamping → blanking → detection of six steps. Aluminum foil in the production process by the punching force as high as 40 to 80 tons, punching frequency of 1 to 2 seconds, the average production capacity of 20,000 / day, food packing aluminium foil storage shelf life of 2 years. In this production process, lubricants play a very important role, including: cooling, cooling, protection of aluminum foil surface, the protection of stamping equipment and mold, rust, corrosion and prevent the adhesion of aluminum foil (suitable for pre-coated lubricants Of the aluminum foil needs to roll up the situation, such as aluminum plant aluminum foil oil).

Aluminum foil as a material light, small density, high barrier, shading, anti-ultraviolet, moisture resistance, good corrosion resistance, good insulation, long shelf life, good ductility, flexibility and a high degree of resource recycling Safe and environmentally friendly materials, will become the perfect choice for the perfect food packaging. According to the relevant information, China is now per capita consumption of aluminum about 2 kg, about the per capita consumption of aluminum in developed countries 1/10, the world per capita consumption of aluminum 1/3. According to the European Aluminum Foil Industry Association statistics, more than 70% of Europe’s aluminum foil used in various types of packaging products. In the United States, the ratio of up to 75% in Japan, packaging consumption of aluminum foil accounted for 70%, of which only food packaging accounted for 30% of the consumption of aluminum foil. According to incomplete statistics, China’s annual export of aluminum foil for food packing is about 3 to 500 million US dollars. This shows that the future of the global market for food packing aluminium foil, aluminum foil packaging products demand will be irreplaceable and sustainable development.

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