5083 H111 Aluminum Plate for GIS

5083 H111 aluminum plate is one of superior aluminum plates among all series of aluminum alloy. Compared with 1000 series, 3000 series aluminum alloy, 5000 series of aluminum alloy keeps following advantages.
Firstly, it can protect aluminum out of seawater and chemical corrosion, which is a kind of superior metal can adapt to the wet marine atmosphere. Secondly, the formable characteristics make 5083 H111 aluminum plate easy to weld. The weld ability makes it an ideal material for pipes, vessels, tubes and machinery body.
Thirdly, The gas tightness of 5083 H111 aluminum plate make it suitable for GIS. Aluminum plate 5083 H111 is a durable metal which can be used for a long time. The code H111 refers to aluminum sheet cold work only.
For the major application of 5083 H111 aluminum plate, GIS is widely used in industries and machinery field.
The full name of GIS is Gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear, which is widely used in limited space. 5083 H111 aluminum plate is a typical material for GIS. High voltage switch gear features with corrosion resistance, high reliable, the main function of aluminum sheet is power transmission. Similar with other aluminum products, aluminum high-voltage switchgear offers outstanding strength, corrosion resistance as well as environmental friendly. Not only for GIS, is 5083 H111 Aluminum Plate for GIS also suitable for vehicle body, oil pressure vessels, and car bodies and etc.
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