5083-h116 Aluminium Plate

5083-h116 aluminium plate is the key product of 5 Series marine aluminum alloy, 5083 aluminium plate has excellent corrosion resistance and welding, and high strength, according to the performance of the part of the difference between the 5083 aluminium plate is divided into h1115083-h112, 5083-h116 5083- aluminium plate, these are 5083 of the common state of the ship, in which h116 is a typical representative of the ship’s aluminium plate.
5083-h116 aluminium plate in processing, can be used to enhance the corrosion resistance of anodic oxidation, can also increase the decorative effect, while 5083-h116 aluminium also belong to high magnesium alloy, so in the use of quite limited, non heat treatment, the most common application is that some large vessels, containers, light rail structure and lift.
5083 aluminium plate has a bright market prospects in the emerging markets Especially the great influence in today’s world ocean economic strategy, not only for 5083-h116 aluminium, lightweight and durable, anti rot effect lasting for some marine steel demand, at the same time, with the large aluminium instead of steel demand new research also continues to release with the progress of technology and marine research and development of aluminium manufacturers, in the marine market, the proportion of aluminium instead of steel will greatly enhance the marine global market demand will also be gradually development.
As a new product in the field of marine, 5083H116 aluminium production standards are very strict, this is not only reflected in the complex production process and strict production standards, must also be certified by allowing domestic and worldwide All 5083-h116 aluminium manufacturers to enter the marine market, must be approved by domestic veritas certification, the international market needs through Norway Veritas certification.

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