Advantages of High Quality 5083 Shipbuilding Aluminum Plate

5083h111, 5083h112 aluminum plates produced by Haomei Aluminum are common alloy marine aluminum plates with DNV and CSS certification.
Marine aluminum alloy is generally selected with medium strength and corrosion resistance can be welded aluminum alloy, in addition to casting aluminum alloy also has some applications in the field of ships.
Marine aluminum alloy requires excellent welding performance.
Marine aluminum alloy requires excellent corrosion resistance.
Marine aluminum alloy requires good cold and hot forming properties.
Haomei Aluminum, as a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, roughing mill, finishing mill, quenching furnace, straightening machine, polishing machine and other advanced production equipment, which Haomei Aluminum to create excellent quality 5083 aluminum laid a solid basis. Haomei Aluminum 5083 ship boat aluminum with an annual output of 200,000 tons of powerful processing capabilities to help Haomei Aluminum to seize the customer market, with broad customer base at home and abroad.

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