Aluminum Plate 5083 for Automotives

Nowadays, people’s increasingly demands for speed and continence of automotive promote the widely use of 5083 aluminum plate. As one of popular aluminum alloy, aluminum plate 5083 offers good characteristics in vehicle body, components as well as oil tanks of cars ant etc. But aluminum plate 5083 has experienced a though way during a long period.
Aluminum alloy 5083 make vehicle light and faster than other material. But the strength and hardness of it is as strong as steel, iron and other metal. Several years ago, in light of its high price and rare stock, aluminum alloy make people reluctant to purchase it. But with the increasingly development of science and technology in aluminum industry, the cost of aluminum alloy reduced a lot, But the quality is still reliable. So more and more vehicle manufacture begin to put aluminum alloy as their first choice, Then they can improve the performance an quality of these cars, so customer could enjoy a high quality with economical price.
Aluminum ally 5083 is available of Henan Haomei AL. Industrial Co, Ltd. It contains the elements of magnetism and aluminum. So it also can be called Mall Alloy. Bothe soft and Hard tempers are also available from us. No matter for H1, H24, H1q8 or others, we can provide costumed products according to customer’s demands. All of our products are costumed, so we have few of ready stock .The delivery time will be around 30 day s, and we can also speed up the delivery time if you are in emergency. For aluminum plate 5083, we can provide the thickness of 0.018-600mm. the large range can meet more of your demands, for the thickness of over 20 mm, we can improve the width into 3m, which we called width plate , the rest width can be produced in range of 100-2600.we can provide sheet, plate and coil of alloy 5083. Color coated aluminum is also approved. Our coated range is 0.25-2.5mm.

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