Aluminum Plate Surface Treatment Process

First, the rolling process:
After degreasing and chemical treatment, rolling quality paint, and drying, the aluminum surface is formed. Flatness of the surface of the film rolls plate than spraying board. Points on pearl and matte color, common market, mostly pearl. Its price is higher than the spray. The most prominent feature is the high roller plate color imitative; a big difference between good and bad grades roll process, in addition to all of the material with the outside, there is a saying about the several sub color.
Second, the anodizing process:
High hardness and wear resistance, strong adhesion ability, strong adsorption capacity, good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation and high thermal insulation properties, the ability to engage in highly oxidizing
Third, spraying:
After the aluminum surface by spraying colored paint from drying. Good coating plate color distribution, the difference will be seen from the side board color wavy distribution. Be sure to spray the plate after drying, the film was so strong. This process is currently home improvement board has basically not used, most will be used on a large decorative plants, because the relative price is very cheap, there are still many manufacturers cheap banner to attract consumers.
Fourth, the metal wire drawing process:
This is a new surface treatment process, which is based on aluminum as the base material, the use of imported cloth round diamond surface pull profiling, through a variety of chemical-pressure, roller and other treatment from. Surface color bright, uniform, strong fashion sense, gives a strong visual impact.
Fifth, the coating process:
Selection of high Symphony film or film coated board specialty adhesive composite. Covered plate shine bright, can choose color varieties, waterproof, fireproof, has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and dirt capacity, superior UV resistance.

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