Aluminum Trade Plate in Wet Environments

Aluminum trade plate is our company’s main products in the new and old customers has been a very good reputation, in addition to we know that the high hardness, corrosion resistance and other advantages, you know the aluminum trade plates in the wet environment, what Magical? Here we take a look at the aluminum trade plates in the wet environment of the specific application.(aluminum tread plate cheap)
First of all, the cooling rate, in accordance with the principles of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum trade plates is 237W / mK, the greater the thermal conductivity value, indicating the better thermal conductivity, cooling under the same conditions the faster the better the cooling effect. On the material speaking, the cost of aluminum trade plates is higher, better choice of high cost of the refrigerator pattern aluminum evaporator, because the aluminum trade plates evaporator cooling effect is the best. On the solder joints and corrosion resistance, the performance of the refrigerator pattern aluminum evaporator surface aluminum tread plate (aluminum tread plate for sale) will be wrapped in the cooling tube, there is no solder joints, refrigerant never leak, safety, health! In terms of load-bearing capacity, Refrigerator freezer drawer and pattern aluminum evaporator full access, large cooling area, uniform cooling, due to uniform force, pattern aluminum production of aluminum plate(aluminium five bar tread plate) evaporator load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg.

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