Aluminum Tread Plate Popular In Car Is Not Allow To Ignore

Today, automatic-shift cars road, aluminum sheets pedals have become a familiar product.
Most of the models of the original car pedal for plastic products, easy to wear, so the material of pedal is very important to choose.
Pattern aluminum (non-slip aluminum):
1, thickness: 0.8-12mm, width: 1000 — 1900mm, Material: 1060/5052/5754
2, the type of pattern: big five bars, a small five bars, three bars, pointer, diamond, orange peel
Currently, the use of pattern aluminum, non-slip aluminum tread plate for selection is usually: non-slip aluminum refrigerator, car, ship bilge is usually 1060-H24 3.0mm thickness, aluminum does not require floating in the series, not load-bearing. It is not necessary to select a high thickness, high hardness, non-slip aluminum.
For vacant, where needed staff stampede, suggested the use of alloy series, use pattern aluminum, while the thickness of not less than 6.0mm, to ensure the safety of staff and non-slip aluminum thickness of this type of series to the maximum, while ensuring non-slip aluminum life.
The pedal is too small area also has brought the poor foot feeling.And this aluminum floor plate of pedal design, only can meet the daily use, if really need high level operation, such as with toe, will be because of the height of the brake and accelerator pedal and the distance between the reasons, makes the right foot is hard to do that precisely.

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