Automotive Aluminum Applications Increased Significantly

The latest research shows that the future demand for automotive aluminum will grow at an unprecedented rate. 2014 and 2015 are considered turning points in the automotive industry from traditional steel to aluminum and other lightweight materials, including the use of aluminum instead of advanced high strength steel (AHSS).
In general, the use of aluminum and other lightweight materials will be a significant feature of heavy vehicles, such as pickups, SUVs and so on. And AHSS is likely to continue to use in the light of the vehicle, this can reduce the body weight of about 100 kg.
Vehicles that use aluminum sheets will have an impact on the environment during the processing and production of raw materials, but will reduce the environmental impact during the product use phase. The most critical is that the use of aluminum cars throughout the life cycle of the impact of the environment will be reduced. Therefore, in the automotive industry, aluminum will replace the trend of steel will continue to develop.
In recent years, North American light vehicle aluminum consumption increased by 28% (car production growth and aluminum material content growth). It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the body parts of the pickup train will be composed of aluminum, 24% for large cars, SUV22% for other small vehicles and 18% for other small vehicles.
North American and European cars will be the highest aluminum content, in addition to Asia (especially China) is still the largest market for lightweight cars.

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