Car Aluminium Plate in Aluminum Processing Industry

Overcapacity of domestic aluminum processing industry and aluminium plate processing equipment has been one of the problems in aluminium processing industry. Someone who just attended the twelfth session of the Shanghai copper and aluminium summit said the demand of the freight car plate and container car plate with aluminium is increasing rapidly; it will be a new opportunity for aluminium processing industry. He also said that if you participate in the aluminium industry exhibition every year, you will see the freight car this piece is a big market, the requirements of the entire material is certainly much lower than the four-door car, and domestic Most of the companies are able to produce.
Haomei aluminium production includes 5083,5086,5052,5454,6061,6063,6082 and so on. It is high strength, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, process performance, easy to oxidize coloring and so on.
Haomei aluminium equipment advantages 3000 T stretching machine: to eliminate internal stress, reduce vehicle aluminum deformation
Haomei Aluminium 3000 T stretching machine is mainly used to eliminate the residual stress after quenching the alloy sheet. According to the process requirements, we can make the permanent tensile plastic deformation within a specified time on the plate 1.0% to 3.0%. It can eliminate the internal stress through the elastic deformation to the plastic deformation. After the pre-stretched sheet, in the cutting, drilling and other re-processing is not prone to distortion, with excellent processing performance and mechanical properties. As a leader in domestic aluminum processing, Haomei Aluminium has carried out ISO / TSI16949: 2009 certification in 2012. This certification is a prerequisite for automobile production and related accessories used in automobile production and supply market. After SGS rigorous review, and ultimately we have gained the access to the SGS certification body approach ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality management system certification.

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