Development Research of China Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy plays a more and more important role in industrial production, are beyond the status of the steel, the development of the aluminum alloy processing industry has been the social attention. Especially after entering the 21st century, aluminum alloy processing industry in China has been achieved strong growth. Hot rolling equipment since 2002, independent research and development of the domestic first single stand double winding 4 roll reversible hot rolling mill in Huncheng Xiezhou aluminum plant put into production. Domestic caused by single stand double winding 4 roll reversible hot rolled aluminum plate with hot rolling production line construction set off a climax, has built more than 20 belt of aluminum single stand double coiling hot rolling production line. By 2015, aluminum alloy thick plate production capacity in China for more than 3 times of the world’s demand.
Domestic cold-rolled equipment development very soon, in aspects of cold rolling, the end of 2011, China has 4 line production of cold rolling production, One of the most highly represented are Shanghai Pasta 1700 mm domestic aluminum 2000 mm cold tandem rolling and southwest aluminum alloy industry imported cold rolling, with advanced technology, high production efficiency, low cost of each unit of output characteristics, is the foremost priority for domestic enterprises in recent years. For large market need and bright future of industrial development, more and more investors are interested in the area.On the whole, Along with the rapid development of the China’s aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy sheet of foil rolling equipment is being developed fast in the wide, high speed, high precision and high intelligent direction.
Along with the production line construction and production in succession, on the one hand, the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced equipment and parts production equipment has reached or close to international advanced level, and in digesting and absorbing the imported technology and equipment, on the basis of their own research to open new technology, make the aluminum plate strip process equipment get update and upgrade. But on the other hand, in recent years has formed a large number of 100 ~ 500 thousand t/a large comprehensive aluminum sheet with foil enterprise, also made me the aluminum alloy with foil capacity are improved spray detonation type. Related data shows only 2010 ~ 2012 years production of aluminum alloy with foil project 70, issue of the production capacity of about 8337 kt/a, is formed between the aluminum processing is unparalleled in the history in the world. Because of the great currently under construction, the construction and planning capacity, the aluminum alloy with foil processing industry in greater risk of excess capacity.

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