Haomei Aluminum Supplies 5052 High Voltage Switch Aluminum Alloy Plate

With people’s gradual attention and requirements on the durability and aesthetics, the aluminum alloy casting’s aesthetics, usability, durability have received a lot of attention. In the safety of reproduction, aluminum alloy gis high pressure switch is qualified safety guards. The manufacture process of aluminum alloys is of particular importance.
Aluminum alloy manufacturing and processing is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing, including heat treatment process, mechanical manufacturing process, etc., these processes are by changing the internal microstructure of the workpiece, or change the chemical composition of the workpiece surface, given Or improve the use of bow and arrow performance.
High pressure switch aluminum alloys are mainly 5052 alloy aluminum and 5083 aluminum. 1060 aluminum, 3003 aluminum and 5754 aluminum alloy plate is relatively less. Aluminum alloy high voltage switch thickness is generally between 4–90mm, the width of the general 700-2700mm between, some products below 20mm need to be annealed.
Haomei Aluminum “1 +1” hot rolling line rolling, width up to 2700mm, reduce the weld to meet customer needs. Haomei Aluminum and domestic large-scale high voltage switch manufacturers to establish relations of cooperation, supply high-voltage switch aluminum material.

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