Haomei is One of the Best Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

After set up in 1997, Haomei aluminum have grown up for 20 years, with the hard work of our CEO, COO and all the staff, Haomei aluminum have gained a lot harvest and honor. Start from only 5 person’s team to more than 100 staff today, we Haomei aluminum have been one of the best aluminum sheet suppliers in the world. At present, Haomei aluminum has many orders from customers all over the world, we are proud to be one member of this great enterprise.
Why does Haomei aluminum be the best alumiunm sheet suppliers? Here we can find the answers, the advantages of Haomei aluminum sheet manufacturer are:
1: Long history and good reputation, high credibility, seeking truth from facts, and worth to be trusted.
2: Large factory scale, short production cycle period, supply goods fast, does not affect the use of time limit for a project, enough experience about aluminum sheet and quality assurance.
3: Advanced equipment, the aluminum sheet is most the breadth to rolling 2.2 metres wide. Super power electric motor not only makes the quality of aluminum plate increased significantly, but also improve the producing efficiency greatly.
4: Courteous service. From design to supply of aluminum sheet, the one-stop service to reduce process costs of customers.
5: High quality. Raw material purchasing strictly controlled, and has imported Germany spectro direct reading spectrometer detection, ensure the quality. Production strictly enforce the international standards, the product all past quality test.
6:The price is low. Direct supply goods, aluminum sheet price is low, all the raw material loss in the process of production is enterprise internal digestion, don’t stand into the cost, Four sets of aluminum sheet production line can provide large quantity of aluminum sheet, thus greatly reduces the aluminum producer prices.

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