High-end 2A11 Aviation Aluminum Plate for Aircraft Bolts

2000 series aluminum alloy is Al-Cu-Mg alloy, known as high-strength aluminum alloy plate, is the use of a wide range of aerospace aluminum, its heat resistance, fatigue resistance, especially anti-fatigue crack spread better. 2a11 aluminum alloy for aircraft bolts is also more appropriate.
Aircraft bolts with 2a11 aircraft aluminum alloy has a good stretching effect. Aircraft bolts should also take into account the problem of corrosion, bolts if the corrosion may lead to the operation of the entire machine, even a small screw should not be the effect, aluminum alloy 2a11 has a high degree of corrosion, the production of products even if the long term in adverse circumstances will not easily corrosion, but also with its good mechanical processing to make up for the lack of processing.
Henan Haomei Aluminum produced by the aluminum plate 2a11 imported hard aluminum performance comparable. Its products in the quenching and quenching state of plastic medium, spot welding is good, quenching and cold hardening after its cutting performance is still good, often using anodic oxidation and painting method or surface coated with aluminum layer to improve its corrosion resistance , For the common military with aluminum and aerospace aluminum, and 2a11 aluminum plate at reasonable prices, can be assured use.

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