How to Reduce the Harm of Aluminum to the Human Body

How to Reduce the harm of aluminum to the human body, please start from the daily diet, nutritionists said: every day people will intake of Aluminum from the dietary, especially aluminum containers, cooking utensils, often in boiling water, cooking, and food preservation aluminum dissolution, into the drinking water and food, the human body absorption, thereby endangering the body. So in order to reduce the intake of aluminum, please keep in mind the following diet:

  1. Avoid eating Deep-Fried Dough Sticks: Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls mixed with alum and alum, aluminum containing food additives is.
  2. Avoid over eating pasta, cakes, steamed pasta, pastries (such as steamed bread, Hanamaki, steamed sponge cake) in the baking powder, but also contains aluminum food additives.
  3. Avoid drinking tea: Tea aluminum components, drinking tea intake amount of aluminum more.
  4. Caution aluminum containers, utensils: new aluminum kettle to boil water or new aluminum pot cooking food before, first boil a few times, water drained aluminum release to reduce the aluminum content. And avoid using aluminum cooking or dress acidic, alkaline or salty food, avoid chemical action, aluminum increased the amount released.

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