Packaging aluminum Market Research

Aluminum packaging has been an important use of aluminum scene, although aluminum is a second only to the output of iron metal, but aluminum packaging materials used as the former history of only 30 years. In recent years, the amount of aluminum used in packaging is increasing, because it has a series of excellent functions.
The density of aluminum, steel is only 1/3, lighter; have excellent processing, easy stamping into various random shape; strong corrosion resistance, no rust; resistance, shading and aroma are excellent, and can effectively protect the goods; high thermal conductivity, easy to aluminum canned sterilization; silvery white, beautiful color, and the reflectivity of light, easy to print, printing effect is good; non-toxic tasteless, not due to built-in aluminum ions escape and food odor; a container can recover scrap remelting, no environmental pollution. Therefore, aluminum packaging market is becoming more and more prosperous.
Aluminum foil packaging is also very comon, aluminum foil is more than 99.5% purity of pure aluminum by calendering, thickness of 0.005~0.2mm. It is light and shiny, reflective ability, can be used for thermal insulation packaging; barrier is good, not through the gas and water vapor; easy processing, simple to be processed into various shapes; for printing, glue, paint, paint, printing, printing and so on; temperature adaptability, high temperature or low temperature stable shape shading and aroma; excellent etc.. The biggest disadvantage of aluminum foil is not acid and alkali, can not be welded, low tear strength.
Aluminum foil is widely used in packaging, it can be packaged goods alone; more is made of paper, plastic film and other composite materials. The utility model can be used for the packaging of food, cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, chemicals, etc., and can be made into a cooking bag.
At present, China can consume 161 thousand and 300 tons of aluminum foil annually. Chinese aluminum foil market the largest consumption of products is air foil; followed by smoke foil, Chinese is the world’s largest cigarette production and consumption country, cigarette smoke foil consumption amounted to 35 thousand tons, the total accounted for 60% of the double zero foil consumption; three is a decorative foil for thermal insulation, moisture proof and decorative building materials industry in the application, the current boom Chinese building, home appliance industry has formed a decorative foil; four cable foil.
The use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, used as a shield cable. More than 4 varieties of aluminum foil consumption accounted for more than 70% of China’s total consumption of aluminum foil. Foil, electronic foil, automotive foil and flexible packaging foil is currently in China, although the consumption is not large, but the market growth is good, has become an important growth point of the aluminum foil market consumption.

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