Pay Attention to This About Aluminum Skin Storage

At present, China’s aluminum skin consumption increases every year which has become important part of the aluminum sale . The aluminum skin has a low density, long using life, nice looking, smooth features, widely used in the electric power industry and the chemical industry . To have a good use of aluminum skin , extending the working life of aluminum skin,it have certain requirements on the aluminum skin storage environment. Here we look at the aluminum skin storage environment.
First ,make sure that hosting environment has necessary ventilation and is dry. Known to all that the aluminum skin is non-ferrous metals, oxidation reaction happens with water, and thus damage the surface protective film, resulting in surface quality are affected, so a dry environment is the basic condition for hosting the aluminum skin.
Second, packing sealing, aluminum skin will take a waterproof packaging out the factory and moisture-proof material inside the packing, so that users do not damage the packing , which is suitable for hosting for a long time.
Hope the introduction above can help you,we Henan Haomei aluminum industrial company can provide you the best quanlity product and the best service.

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