Production Process of Aluminium Checker Plate

In our dailyl ife we can see almost everywhere the use of aluminium checker plate , the aluminium checker plate has become more and more widely used, in order to let everyone know more about the of aluminium checker plate production process, today will share with you its production process.
First. Ingredients: According to the specific production alloy number. To calculate the composition of the alloy, and then with a reasonable raw materials.
Second. Smelting: the good raw materials in accordance with the production requirements into the melting furnace to melt, and then through the degassing and slagging method will be inside the slag and gas are disposed .
Third. Casting: in the appropriate casting conditions, the deep well casting system in the refining of aluminium liquid after casting into a variety of round cast rods.
Four. Extrusion: the heated round cast rods in the mold extrusion, squeeze the time to use the air-cooled quenching process and artificial aging process to complete the heat treatment, different types of heat treatment strength is not the same.
Above is the basic process of aluminium checker plate , Should have any thing in doubt ,pls feel free to contact us.Welcome your inquiry.

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