Differences Between 7005 Aluminum Roll Alloy and 6061

7005 Aluminum Roll Alloy
7005 Aluminum Roll Alloy

The hardness of pure aluminum is a little low and relatively soft, but the aluminum alloy is very hard. Through adding different metal element into pure aluminum, will get many kinds of aluminum alloy, including 6061 7005, 7075 aluminum roll alloy.

6061 aluminum roll alloy is the most common aluminum material, which features light, strong, and economical.

7005 is the lighter aluminum roll alloy, whose strength is worse than 6061, but features lighter.

7075 aluminum roll alloy is the lightest and highest strength aluminum material, and the price is too expensive! 7075 is no less stronger than steel.

1. The zinc element is the main alloy of 7xxx series aluminum roll, whose composition proportion reaches 6%. Magnesium and silicon are the main alloys of 6xxx series aluminum roll alloy.

2.The strength of 7005 is better than 6061 aluminum alloy

3.In a word, 6061 aluminum roll alloy is a better material. There is a high proportion of other metals in 7005 aluminum roll alloy, whose welding and processing are difficult, especially 7075 aluminum roll alloy, which is generally not used as frame material. By contrast, because of its low proportion of other metals, 6061 aluminum roll alloy can by increase its strength and reduce its windage by varying its shape.

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