Great Advantages of 1100 Aluminium Roll

As the industrial pure, the aluminum content of 1100 aluminum roll is 99.00%., which can not be heated in the high temperature. Featuring good corrosion resistance, conductive and low density. 1100 aluminum roll can be produced many kinds of aluminum products through the pressure.

1100 aluminum roll can often used to produce aluminum sheet, aluminum curtain wall panels, all kinds of sprayed aluminum sheet, reflectors and traffic signs, etc..

The Advantages of 1100 Aluminum Roll:

1. Good corrosion resistance, low density, easy to produce many kinds of aluminum products.

2. Low strength, but good extension and welding.

3. After Oxidation, the Corrosion resistance of 1100 aluminum roll will be improved and will shape an elegant surface.

4. So many aluminum curtain wall panels is made of 1100 aluminum roll, which is widely used as the wall decoration in the airport, railway station and other high buildings.

Fast economic development is driving the promotion of construction infrastructure. Wall decoration is almost made of the 1100 aluminum roll. Beautiful shape and durable make 1100 aluminum roll become the popular aluminum products in the construction market.

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