Great Applications of 3xxx series Aluminum Roll

3003 aluminium roll
3003 aluminium roll

The Price of 3003 aluminum roll is cheaper than 5052 aluminum roll, which features excellent welding performance. Some aluminum truck fuel tank material manufacturers usually use 3003H24 aluminum roll to make up of the partition without pressure bulkhead in the tank through replacing 5052 aluminum roll. The use of 3003 aluminum roll not only reduce the cost also decrease the effect. The strength of the 3004 alloy aluminum roll is higher than that of the 3003 aluminum roll, with good forming performance, which can be used as the production of aluminum cans tank. 3104 alloy aluminum roll is the same as 3004 alloy aluminum roll, which features high strength and easy to process. 3104-O state aluminum roll is usually used as the the LCD TV back plate in TV manufacturing industry. Through pressing the convex hull, adding electronic elements, after forming oxide, the aluminum roll can form a dense oxide film, which is not only corrosion oxidation, also has a good insulation. The use of 3104-O state will reduce the total weight of the finished product and ensure a good thermal performance. 3005 alloy aluminum is usually used as more high-end color coated aluminum roll. There are great amount of applications not only in the building materials industry, roof partition, movable room, but also in air conditioners, refrigerators and other heat sinks, internal parts, etc.. 3105 alloy aluminum roll can be mainly used for the production of caps and other stamping parts.

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