Introduction and Advantages of 7075 Aluminium Rolls

7075 aluminium rolls
7075 aluminium rolls

7075 Aluminium Rolls:

1. 7075 aluminium rolls is a cold rolled alloy aluminium roll, which features high strength and better than the soft steel. 7075 aluminium roll is the one of the best commercial alloy aluminium.

Good corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance and industrial wear resistance.

2. 7075 aluminium roll belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series hard aluminium. 7075 alloy aluminium rolls is often used in airplane manufacturing industries. 7075 aluminium roll is still the best popular aluminium roll in the aviation industry, which features high strength and easy to shape.

The Advantages of 7075 aluminium rolls:

1. Good plasticity after solid solution treatment

2. Good Heat treatment effect

3. Low temperature strength below 150℃

4. Under the condition of annealing and quenching, the plasticity of 7075 aluminium roll is slightly lower than 2A12, but higher than 7A04.

5. The Stress corrosion resistance is bettern than 7A04.

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