Properties and Applications of 2024 Aluminum Roll Alloy

2024 aluminium roll
2024 aluminium roll

2024 aluminum roll is a typical kind of Al-Mg alloy. Its composition is reasonable and its comprehensive properties are better. There are many countries producing these aluminum alloy. The 2024 aluminum roll features high strength and heat resistance, which can be used as working parts below 150 degrees C. If the temperature is higher than 125 degrees C, and the strength of the 2024 aluminum roll alloy is higher than that of the 7075 aluminum roll alloy. Under the condition of heat, annealing and new quenching, the formability of 2024 aluminum roll alloy is better than other aluminum alloy. During the high strengthen of heat treatment, the performance of 2024 aluminum roll is remarkable, but the heat treatment process is strict.

Though there are many advantages of 2024 aluminum roll, there still are some disadvantages of 2024 aluminum roll alloy. Such as the poor corrosion resistance, easy to crack.

2024 aluminum roll alloy is widely used in aircraft structures, rivets, truck hubs, propeller components, and many other structures.

2024 aluminum alloy is widely used because of its high strength and good fatigue strength.

Because of the high strength and good fatigue strength, 2024 aluminum roll alloy is widely used in aircraft structures (skins, frames, ribs, frames, etc.), rivets, missile structures, propeller components, and various other structures.

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