Some Precautions When Using Color Coated 3004 Aluminum Roll


Color coated 3004 aluminum roll features exquisite surface and excellent quality. Color coated aluminum roll is becoming the first choice in many aspects of industries.There are many different applications in the daily life. But some precautions need to be noticed.

First, if you want to put color coated 3004 aluminum roll into use, must guarantee the normal temperature. The temperature can not be too hot or too cold. If the color coated 3004 aluminum roll is used as the roof, the height will be not less than 10 degrees.

Second,before equipping with the color coated 3004 aluminum roll, to check if there is the wearing in the appearance, to ensure the normal use and keep the long service life.

Third, bolt head which is used as fixing the color coated 3004 aluminum roll must adopt the waterproof material sealed, in order to avoid rain into rust.

Fourth, the processing temperature of color coated 3004 aluminum coil should be more than 7 degrees. To adjust the clearance of processing of rolls of color coated aluminum roll, and to remove foreign bodies on the pallet; To check if there occurs the double paint.If there is a need of double painting, must check the reason and take some measurement to solve the problems.

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