The Advantages of 6066 Aluminium Roll

6066 aluminium roll
6066 aluminium roll

6066 aluminium roll belongs to the Al-Mg-Si high plasticity aluminium alloy.There are many advantages of 6066 aluminium roll:

1. To strengthen the hot rolled and high impact toughness

2. Excellent thermoplastic: 6066 aluminium roll can be extruded into a complex structure and thin wall aluminium profiles at high speed or forming into a complex structure of forging. Wide Quenching temperature and low sensitive quenching. After the extruded and forging, if the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature, can quenching the 6066 aluminium roll with spraying water.

3. Good welding and corrosion resistance performance without the Corrosion cracking tendency. Among the hot rolled strengthened aluminium roll alloy, 6066 aluminium roll is the only aluminium alloy without the corrosion cracking tendency.

4. After the processing, the surface of 6066 aluminium roll will be smooth and easy to be Anodized and colored. But there is a disadvantages that if placing the quenching 6066 aluminium roll in a long period, the strength of 6066 aluminium roll will have the negative effects.

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