The Main Distinguish Between 7005 and 6061 Aluminium Roll

6061 aluminium roll
6061 aluminium roll

1. Aluminum alloy frame mainly used the 7005 and 6061 aluminium roll.

2. The main alloy element of 7005 aluminium alloy is Zinc, the content of Zinc can reach 6%. The main alloy element of 6061 aluminium alloy is Magnesium and silicon.

3. The strengthen of 7075 aluminium roll is a little stronger than 6061 aluminium roll.

4. The aluminium roll alloy which is used as the Frame material must be heat rolled.

5. All in a word, 6061 aluminium roll will be the best choice which is used to the truck frame materials. There are much other metal content in the 7075 aluminium roll, which result in difficult welding. Especially the 7075 aluminium roll, the proportion of metal content is higher than 6061 which result that 7075 aluminium roll is not suitable to the frame and bracket. By contrast, due to the low proportion of other metals of 6061 aluminium roll, can increase its strength and reduce its wind resistance through a variety of processing , or reduce the weight through 3 times pumping.

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