The Physical and Mechanical Properties of 7075 Aluminium Roll

7075 aluminium roll
7075 aluminium roll

The Physical and Mechanical Properties of 7075 aluminium roll:

Tensile strength 524Mpa,

0.2% yield strength 455Mpa:

Elongation 11%,

Elastic modulus E/Gpa:71,

Hardness 150HB,

Density: 2810

The Main Application of 7075 Aluminium Roll:

The aerospace Industry, Blow mold,Ultrasonic plastic welding mould, Head of Golf ball, shoe mold,Paper mold, Foam forming mold, Dewaxing mold, Fixture and mechanical equipment.

The Features of 7075 Aluminium Roll:

1. High strength heat treatment alloy 7075 aluminium roll

2. Good mechanical performance

3. Good usability

4. Easy processing and good wear resistance

5. Corrosion resistance and Good oxidation resistance

The Chemical Property of 7075 Aluminium Roll:

Zinc is the main element of 7075 aluminium roll. Magnesium is added to an alloy 7075 aluminium roll containing 3% to 7.5% zinc to form a MgZn2. So that the heat treatment of alloy 7075 aluminium roll is far better than aluminum – zinc binary alloy. Meantime to increase the zinc and magnesium content in the alloy. Through the heat treatment effect, the strength of 7075 aluminium roll will be stronger.

The Chemical Composition of 7075 Aluminium Roll:

Si: 0.40

Fe: 0.50

Cu: 1.2-2.0

Mn: 0.30

Mg: 2.1-2.9

Cr: 0.18-0.28

Zn: 5.1-6.1

Ti: 0.20

Al: margin

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