What are Advantages of insulation Aluminium Roll?

insulation Aluminium Roll
insulation Aluminium Roll

Haomei Industrial Co. Ltd features Embossed aluminim roll, corrugated aluminium roll, color coated aluminium roll, insulation aluminium roll, etc.. The thickness of insulation aluminium roll including 0.3、0.35、0.4、0.45、0.5、0.6、0.65、0.7、0.75、0.8mm.

The Advantages of insulation Aluminium Roll:

1. Light weight: There are many element adding into the insulation aluminium roll in the producing process, which is resistance rusty. Excellent properties of the insulation aluminium roll keep the light weight of aluminium roll.

2. Less cost: Because of the light weight, less transportation cost and labor cost, less production cost result in the lowest price of insulation Aluminium Roll;

3. Good resistance-corrosion of insulation Aluminium Roll: Longer service life as long as more than twenty years. Good gloss and resistance-corrosion make the insulation aluminium roll popular with the customers from the whole world.

4. Common Specification of insulation aluminium roll including 1060、3003、LF21、3004、1100、1050 ,etc. Also customized according to the requirements of clients.

5. In the saving process, the insulation aluminium roll must be stored against from the wet and rainy places. Because the surface of insulation aluminium roll is easy to be Oxidized to form the color differences. It is essential to take some measurement to protect the insulation aluminium roll from the rain and wet.

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