Wide Applications of 7050 Aluminum Roll

7050 aluminum roll
7050 aluminum roll

There is a wide application of 7xxx series aluminum roll in the daily life and industrial areas.

The Applications of 7075 Aluminum Roll: Used in the welded structure and brazing structure which requires both high strength and high fracture toughness, such as transport vehicles, truss rod, container, large heat exchanger, and some components which can not be solid solution after welding; 7075 aluminum roll also can be used in sports equipment,such as network bat.

Main Applications of 7039 Aluminum Roll: refrigerated containers, cryogenic equipment and storage boxes, fire pressure equipment, military equipment, armor plate, missile equipment.

Uses of 7049 Aluminum Roll: such as aircraft and missile parts of the hydraulic cylinder and the extrusion. The fatigue properties of the parts of 7049 aluminum roll are approximately the same as that of the 7075-T6 alloy aluminum roll, with higher toughness.

Main Use of 7050 Aluminum Roll: aircraft structural parts, extrusion and free forging.To produce these parts, the aluminum roll alloy need to have these features, such as strong resistance to stress corrosion cracking, high fracture toughness and fatigue performance. 7050 aluminum roll is used in the aircraft fuselage frame, wing skin, bulkheads, stringers, ribs, rib, bracket, undercarriage support parts, seat rail, rivet.

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