Wide Use of Insulate Roll of Aluminum


Insulate roll of aluminum is the best selling aluminum product, which features excellent corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process and welding performance. Best advantages of roll of aluminum are durable and Insulation and adiabatic function.

1. Insulate roll of aluminum features pretty and durable performance, good corrosion resistance. Insulate roll of aluminum is the best insulate materials which is widely used into the electrical and chemicals industries because of its durable, easy to adapt to the outdoor and not easy to corrosion.

2.Isolated fire and heat, excellent fire-resistant performance. In the condition of fire or high temperature, insulate roll of aluminum will play a great role of fire-resistant performance and rapid warming up in the surface of roll of aluminum.

3. Double Insulation Performance

Roll of Aluminum features low density, which will be lighter than other insulated materials in the same area. Long life of roll of aluminum will save much material and labor cost for your projects.

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