Aluminum closure sheet for bottle caps

Bottle cap also called bottle closure, is an important part of packaging, but also the contact place of consumers and product, the beauty appearance of the cap is very important. The aluminum cap can maintain the product airtight and stable quality, and also has anti-theft function, so the aluminum cap is widely used in cosmetic cap, aluminum cans cap, wine aluminum cap material, medical cap and so on. Aluminum closure sheet is the raw material for making aluminum closure cap, it has the features of common aluminum sheet but has printed colorful pattern according to customers demands. Aluminum closure have many advantages than other closure material, so aluminum closure has been new favor of closure packing market recent years.

aluminum closure sheet

The most common seen aluminum closure sheet are 3000 series, 5000 series and 8000 series. Among these grades, 8011 must be the mostly used one. 8011 aluminum closure sheet mainly used in the manufacture of medicinal bottle cap, it has excellent moisture resistance performance, non-toxic, odorless and hygienic. In 5000 series, 5182 aluminum closure sheet is mainly used on the cap of cans, the thickness control tolerance can ensure within ± 0.005mm, with good strength, corrosion resistance, good machinability and other characteristics. The high surface finish can ensure the stability of the post-processing, which is not easy to deformation and maintain a beautiful appearance in transportation, which fully meet customers’ needs. Still looking for aluminum closure sheet supplier, why not contact us to get free sample for testing, we can provide you best product and service which is outstanding in the aluminum industrial enterprise.

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