The newest aluminium sheet price list

The aluminium sheet price list is commonly keep changing on the market and you can contact us to get the latest price of aluminum sheet. There are three factors that affect the price of aluminum plates: international aluminum ingot prices, production technology and alloy composition, personnel, storage, transportation and processing costs.

aluminium sheet price list

1, International aluminum ingot price

The change of aluminum ingot price has the greatest impact on the price of aluminum sheet. The change of aluminum ingot price directly determines the current aluminum sheet price. As the most important raw material for the production of aluminium sheet, the price of aluminum ingots continues to rise and fall in the futures market, and the prices are different every moment, resulting in the production costs of manufacturers fluctuating continuously with the price of aluminum ingots. The price of aluminum ingot + processing cost is calculated, so the aluminum sheet price list produced in different batches is different.


2, Production process and alloy composition

Aluminum sheet are divided into 8 series with hundreds of brands, less than one millimeter thin and tens of centimeters thick. Different production processes and alloy compositions determine the huge difference in cost. For example, for the same 3mm aluminum sheet, the production cost of 1060 pure aluminum sheet compared to 6061, and the latter is 2-3 times the former. Generally speaking, the thicker the aluminum sheet, the larger the cross-sectional area, the better the mechanical and chemical properties, and the higher the production cost.


3, Although personnel, warehousing, transportation, and processing

Although these factors have the least impact on the aluminium sheet price list, in the long run, the increasing cost of personnel, warehousing, and transportation will also cause the price of aluminum sheet to rise; and many customers will require aluminum sheet for secondary cutting, the processing cost will naturally affect the final price of the aluminium sheet.

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