Top 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers

Haomei is one of the top 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, we have advanced production line, which can guarantee the product quality and shorten the process period. 5052 aluminum sheet is a common product in the aluminum-magnesium alloy series. 5052 belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy and has a wide range of applications, especially the construction industry cannot do without this alloy, and is known as the most promising alloy. The 5052 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, good cold workability, and medium strength.

5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers

The 5052 aluminum sheet has a complete range of specifications and is widely used in high-voltage switches, notebook shells, trolley boxes, fuel tank materials, liquid crystal back panels, tank materials, door panels , High-voltage switch housing and other fields are widely used. Haomei Aluminum mainly produces 5052 aluminum sheet plate for industrial use. 5052 aluminum alloy has high strength, high fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and good plasticity when hardened by semi-cold work. The surface of the 5052 aluminum plate has no rough surface and local mechanical damage, no cracks and no corrosion spots and traces of nitrate.


As a professional 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturer, Haomei has over 20 years’ experience on aluminum sheet plate product manufacturing, The product features of Haomei 5052 aluminum sheet plate are:
1, It has good fatigue strength and plasticity.
2, It has good corrosion resistance and weldability.
3, It has medium hardness and cold workability.
4, It has good anti-rust performance.

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