Advantage of Cladding Aluminum Sheet Curtain Wall

Advantages include: aluminum composite panel is characterized by light weight and adequate rigidity, dissipation and noise, and its good decorative effect, corrosion protection, its surface can be crimped, painting, printing and other secondary processing, comparable with the aluminum sheets , while costs are much cheaper.
Those supporting this view believe that aluminum composite panel after years of development, technically mature material General factory are subject to corrosion, weathering, resistance to impact, bending, compression and processing, have certain security and reliability in use. Using of aluminum composite panel curtain wall in high-rise buildings, its resistance to wind load requirements while high compressive strength is not just about the size of the wall material of quality installation specification for dimensions, the proportion of the length and width of the plates and the density of keel configuration, and so on. If strictly accordance with construction requirements, generally meet the quality indexes of aluminum composite panel and is available for high-rise building’s curtain wall.
In addition, existing technologies and measures of lightning have been more mature, high-rise buildings in this area are thoughtful, aluminum composite panel curtain walls damaged by lightning, extremely rare in practical application, has not found any precedent both at home and abroad. So it can be widely used in high-rise building external wall decoration.

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