Aluminum High Precision Aluminum Sheet for Premium Cars

Aluminum is silver and white metal, the relative density of 2.7. Melting point 657 ℃, while the relative density of iron 7.8, melting point 1535 ℃. In the practical metal in addition to magnesium and scraping, the aluminum as the lightest, its purity can be as high as 99.99%, and usually 98.0% -99.7%. Aluminum in pure metal state, the nature of soft, little strength, it is not suitable as a separate construction materials. However, after adding other metal alloy, the room temperature or high temperature processing is easy, and can get quite good mechanical properties, this alloy is called light alloy.
The requirements of automotive aluminum sheet is still relatively high, not to say that casually can be used for automobile manufacturing. The use of aluminum parts in cars is limited to the use of body parts that do not have much effect on strength. Such as doors, engine cover, trunk cover and other body gold-plated parts.
The other can also be applied to external parts, the surface of which requires a bright part of the metal. For example, in the use of trim, water tank front cover, side of the bumper, etc. When using aluminum, in order to prevent oxidation and loss of luster, and aluminum products are completed and then anodized, so that the surface of the formation of a layer of 0.033mm thick alumina film to achieve the purpose of corrosion, while its surface is Can be re-painted.
Plate-like 5052 aluminum or cast parts can also be welded, but must be removed before the welding of the anode treatment of the oxidation of the composite use of aluminum welding. Haomei aluminum aluminum processing technology is maturing, with a larger scale of production, product quality assurance, can be assured that use.

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