Aluminum Insulation Performance Understanding and Awareness

Advantages of polyurethane insulation aluminum exterior wall aluminum composite insulation polyurethane outer layer of the substrate is aluminum, as designed molding process, the surface of the international construction industry recognized fluorocarbon coating, the inner layer is a rigid polyurethane foam insulation, internal and external the close bond between the layers. Having a surface rain, impact-resistant, color variety, decorative strong, long life and other characteristics, is a new type of insulation decorative integration of advanced decoration materials. Insulation aluminum beautiful, durable, beautiful, durable, good overall performance for the first time to capture the insulation material and decorative surface material can not be tightly bound problem. Making the insulation material and decorative surface materials closely, not falling, loose, and enhance the strength of wind pressure decorative surface materials, flatness. There are several specific characteristics:
1. The construction of new
2. Light weight and excellent durability of this aluminum light weight, mass of about 7kg per square meter or so, the tensile strength of 200N / mm2; aluminum extend high relative elongation at 10%, can withstand a high degree of bending without breaking good toughness.
3. Decorative different tectonic domestic and other insulation board directly to the low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation performance of rigid polyurethane foam by perfusion firmly adhered to the back of the molding aluminum.
4. Coating weather resistance surface coating of aluminum containing KYNAR-500 up to 70% of a fluorocarbon resin, fluorocarbon coating of aluminum through this surface, anti-acid rain, corrosion-resistant, anti-UV ability, can guarantee coating more than 20 years without fading, chalking, not falling.
5. Quick installation process reasonable insulation made of aluminum on factory assembly line, to the site dry hanging directly on the envelope; it is a new energy-saving decorative integration of high-grade exterior materials, and easy construction, short construction period.
6. The traditional practice of saving resources building facades require extensive use of cement, sand, water and other materials, resources are wasted, many after the removal of garbage.

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