Haomei Aluminum Recruiting Agents All Over The World

HAOMEI ALUMINUM is actively seeking eager business people to become new exclusive agents all over the world. Successful entrepreneurs, and professionals who may face limited advancement in their current careers, are ideal candidates to become an agency. Now it is time for you to take this great opportunity, we offer you two kinds of agent options—-exclusive agent and non-exclusive agent.
A: Exclusive agent need a minimum of $100,000 of liquid capital who is the only agent at their local.
B: Non-exclusive agent do not have the capital limitation but who will have commission if they seek customers for us, we will regularly pay you commission and sign agreement to protect the customers information and never contact them directly, they will be as your customer forever.
The stability of the Haomei brand and the equity interest that agents will own in their business makes running an Haomei agency more financially secure than other agencies, small business start-ups or franchise opportunities.

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