New Generation BMW 5 SeriesUse Aluminum Sheet

BMW launched the world premiere of its new generation BMW 5 series Li, the body is made of aluminum sheet plate, the weight of the car decreases 130 kg, Mercedes-Benz is embarrassing. The application of aluminum alloy send a strong signal to the world, aluminum products are the tend of industry development!
On April 19, 2017, In Shanghai international auto show, BMW launched the world premiere of its new generation BMW 5 series Li as the seventh generation models. New BMW 5 series Li has spent great efforts focus on improve the driving quality, adopts intelligent lightweight design.
A large number of aluminum alloy material are used, it enhance the vehicle’s comfort and handling feeling efficiently. The front and back cover and heavy beams of BMW 5 series Li of are all made by aluminum material with high strength and light weight. And car body covering parts are aluminum material, the new BMW 5 series Li is 130 kg lighter than the previous generation model.
This lightweight material takes better handling application to a new car, more fuel-efficient, more sensitive body reaction. This is a typical application of aluminum sheet plate in industry, at the same time, it can be used in airscope and traffic facility.
This is not the first time that aluminum sheet are used in vehicle, and it will not be the last time either. Because of the unique physical and chemical characteristics, we can make sure that the aluminum product is a strong tend of the metal market. If you want to know more details about aluminum product, Haomei can give you a satisfied reply. Haomei offer all kinds of qualified aluminum sheet plate, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip and so on.
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