The Idea of Service by Aluminium Sheet Manufacturers

Aluminum vocation is to provide a good product and services. according with previous standards, aluminum plate manufacturers are manufacturers of products, services to provide services. However, a clear trend in the development of the world today is the mix of manufacturing and services. This hybrid is the first performance in the enterprise to provide both products and services.8011 Aluminum Sheet
Anyway, service awareness is a key to the survival of manufacturers, unless you want to give up customers, or do not give up the service. Service is a holy and full of magic things, quality and service is a life of the aluminum manufacturers, the quality and service into the product, it will be thriving vigor and infinite broad market, will be able to win the favor of customers around the world .Aluminium corrugated sheets
Diversity of manufacturing capacities allow us to provide “One-Stop’’ services from melting extruding, Surface treatment (anodizing, brush, polishing, powder coating), machining,welding and assembly. 5 series aluminium plate/coil
Haomei have in-house mould design & mould manufacturing workshop, 600 ~ 2800 tonnage extruders, multiple CNCs with 6.5-meter-long working platform, 12-meter-long anodizing line. And we are equipped with full set of advanced facilities for testing mechanical properties and chemical components. aluminium sheet and coil
Zhengzhou Haomei Industrial co.,ltd main products: Aluminium parts for modernized ailways(such as high-speed railways), special high-strength shaped aluminum profiles, aluminium accessories for computer( such as hard disk actuator, CPU heat sink),Aluminium ladders & ramps(such as all kinds of ATV ramps, wheel chair ramps), aluminium parts for automobile(such as aluminum truck beds, aluminum trailers, pedals for cars, protective bars, aluminium parts for new energy: accessories for Concentrating Solar Power, aluminium profiles for truss, scaffolding system, shower room, furniture ECT 。aluminium plate coil

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